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Crocodile Adventure World

Android Game

Crocodile Adventure World is simple adventure game with exciting game play.

Crocodile Adventure World!!! A giant monster has taken our crocodile's lover, and our poor crocodile has to run through this adventure world to reach the monster to rescue his lover. This adventure world has a lot of animals which will block the way of our crocodile. Our little crocodile has to run and defeat all the enemies in the adventure world to rescue the little crocodile. Help our crocodile to run through this dangerous adventure world including under water and ocean and defeat the monster to rescue the croc's lover.Crocodile Adventure World is simple adventure game with exciting game play that will surely entertain you. This Adventure game will offer great fun to all aged peoples including kids. Defeat the enemies by throwing stones on them or by jumping on them. Enjoy this cute little crocodile adventure game. Everything in this adventure world has been carefully designed for you to have a lot of fun!

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